“Jessy is an absolute angel! His loving and gentle nature have me completely in love with him. From the face rubs, kisses and facials, to the head butts and even human-like hugs, he is an incredible addition to our family. We owe it all to the outstanding job VBS Maine Coon Models did in their breeding choices and the healthy environment they provided Jessy. We are more than happy with our little boy!”

Elda Gray, Tunica, LA

We absolutely love Cody! She’s been with us since Tuesday and has been nothing short of magnificent. From her looks to her disposition, everything about her is exactly as VBS Maine Coon Models told us it would be. We had an amazing experience working with them, and we can’t thank them enough for giving us such a wonderful addition to our family. Cody is a true blessing and we are so lucky to have her!

Melissa Sheldon, Rose Terrace, KY

“I am so delighted with my smoke boy, Tom. He’s friendly, loving, and has a unique personality. His colors are vibrant and his eyes are so goldenly clear and bright. His ears and paws are just perfect, exactly what I wanted. I’m so glad his nails were trimmed when I got him too! Many thanks to VBS Maine Coon Models for my purrfect smoke boy!”

Leda D. Tabb, Indianapolis, IN

“We are so happy with our decision to welcome Bella and Watson from VBS Maine Coon Models into our home. It’s been 3 months since they joined us and they have been an absolute joy. They are both so well behaved and they have grown so much. Most importantly, the process of bringing them home was so simple and the team at VBS Maine Coon Models was so helpful and accommodating. We truly couldn’t be happier and feel so lucky to have them in our lives. Thank you VBS Maine Coon Models!”

Carol J. Landrum, Philadelphia, DE

“I cannot say enough good things about VBS Maine Coon Models. It has been a year since we got our Maine Coon from them and we couldn’t be happier. They are knowledgeable and caring people who truly love the cats they care for. Their cats are of the highest quality and yet still come at an affordable price point. They have always been available with answers to any of our questions. We would highly recommend VBS Maine Coon Models to anyone looking for a new maine coon.”

Mary J. Renner, Harrison (Twp) Montgomery, OH

“I recently purchased a Maine Coon from VBS Maine Coon Models, and I am so happy! The cat was healthy, friendly, and beautiful. VBS Maine Coon Models worked with me every step of the way to ensure that I got exactly the cat I wanted. I truly recommend Maine Coons from VBS Maine Coon Models to all presumptive Maine Coon buyers!”

Wesley Johnson, Cleburne, TX

“We got our Maine Coon kitten yesterday and we are absolutely in love! He is the sweetest, most playful kitten we have ever seen. We can’t thank VBS Maine Coon Models enough for helping us find our new fur baby. They were so helpful in finding the perfect match for us!”

Robert Love, Greensboro, NC

“I was looking for a breeder who truly loved their cats, and I’m so glad I found these excellent breeders. All of their babies were raised in their home and the breeders were incredibly helpful and answered all of my questions. I was able to interact with their cats and they looked so content and happy! I would definitely consider getting another cat from them in the future!”

Robert Deleon, San Antonio, TX

“When we decided to get a Maine Coon, we knew we wanted the best. We found that in VBS Maine Coon Models. From our initial conversations, we knew that we were dealing with a top-rate cattery. When our precious kitty arrived, we could see that she had been lovingly and expertly raised. We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience with VBS Maine Coon Models and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality cattery.”

Robert Eide, California, MO

“I was absolutely amazed when I saw my two new kittens fly in a few days ago. They looked simply stunning! The female had an elegant beauty about her, and the male was so handsome and unique looking. I had never seen such amazingly beautiful looking Maine Coons and the photographs I had seen of them before didn’t do them justice. I’m so happy to have them in my life now.”

Raymond B. Webb, Clinton, NC

“VBS Maine Coon Models was an absolute pleasure to work with! Not only was their information on the breed helpful and educational, but the customer service was excellent. They were very prompt in responding to our inquiries and were even more helpful in guiding us through the shipping process. We are so happy with our new kitten – she has a wonderful temperament and immediately came out of her shipping crate demonstrating affection and a relaxed confidence. We couldn’t be more pleased with the entire experience!”

Lisa E. Rogers, Bensalem, PA